3 Trends I’m LOVING Right Now

I’m not the trendiest or most fashionable girl, AT ALL. I’d much rather watch fashion bloggers do their thing while I’m wearing a comfortable street style. I absolutely adore a few of the latest fashion trends. So let’s get into it!

Sam Edelman White Boots

OMG. I don’t know where this trend came from but I’m so into it! I’ve always been the person who only wanted to spend like $30 on shoes and considered anything over that ridiculous. But these boots, they go with EVERYTHING. I’m living for it!

I found a pair in my size on Poshmark for $45. They had fringe on the sides of them and they were even cuter than the Winona booties that everyone’s been wearing on Instagram.

Every time I see these boots on Instagram, I just want to pop over and buy the ones I found on Poshmark. I don’t know what’s keeping me from doing it. But in the mean time, here are how some of my favorite fashion bloggers have styled them.

Graphic Tee & Skirt Combo

Growing up in small town USA, I always thought you had to wear a “nice” shirt when you wore a skirt. I had no idea that you could pair skirts with regular graphic tees and still look cute.

I’ve pretty much avoided skirts since I left Catholic school because I’m part of the BBC: big booty club. So it’s difficult for me to find skirts that aren’t too short but also don’t make me look like a grandma.

But the best part about this combo?! You can pair it with the Sam Edelman boots I already talked about in this post! Ugh, I’m so obsessed. I’m going to finish the rant and share some of my favorite tee & skirt combos!


Okay, so maybe this is a bit of a stretch in terms of “trends.” BUT we’re heading into fall and they always boom in popularity during the fall. They’re so cute, comfy, and they can dress up any pair of jeans!

I used to work in an outlet mall so I always had black and grey cardigans. But I’ve grown to love their colorful counterparts on Instagram.

You can pair them with graphic tees, tank tops, jeans, skirts, or dresses. Depending on lengths, I don’t think they always pair the best with skirts or dresses. But they’re my favorite way to dress up jeans and make them look just a little more classy.

Looks like we’re going with a theme because you can pair these with those same Sam Edelman boots I’ve been talking about all day! I think you get the full extent of my obsession, so let’s check out some of my favorite bloggers and how they’ve styled their cardigans.

Bloggers I Mentioned

Kelsey from Kelclight Styled

Bre from Bre Sheppard

Katy from Mumu and Macaroons

Kelsie from Sassy Southern Blonde

What do you guys think about these trends?! Are you into it? Not into it? Let me know in the comments below!

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