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Self Care Is More Than Face Masks and Bubble Baths

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Self care is SO much more than face masks and a candle-lit bath. It’s the way you treat yourself on a daily basis. Sure, an at-home spa night every once in awhile hits differently. But those aren’t going to do anything to make sure you stay in good health and live a good life. Today, I’m sharing three self care things I try to incorporate into my daily routine.

A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away.

I love coffee, specifically the iced varieties. Yes, that’s any time of the year. At college, I used to get an iced peppermint coffee in the middle of December finals. I’d grab one of the hot drink covers so I wasn’t holding a freezing cold cup.

The only thing I miss more about Seattle than my family out there is white coffee. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s brewed for less time than regular coffee so it’s lighter in color & much stronger. I’ve looked into buying some on Amazon but it’s just so damn expensive. I think I’m going to need to pull the trigger on that one though because it would be SO worth it!

Although, I do need to invest in some more travel mugs to take to work with me. I bought a pack of 6 Starbucks cups last year & they’ve slowly been disappearing since then.

Daily skincare is good self-care.

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re starting to go between fall and winter weather. Some days feel like fall and others feel like the beginning of winter. My skin has been so dry the last couple years during the winter. I’m trying to be more proactive and nourish my skin before it gets bad, especially since I’m working in a hospital. I have a lotion in my purse that I would be able to keep in my scrub pockets if necessary.

You can see my Skincare Routine post for the products I’ve been using at night after my showers. It’s heavily inspired by Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential and I have no shame in admitting that. She’s kind of a genius when it comes to that stuff. I trust her way more than I should probably trust a blogger. But she’s tried it all and she’s been super transparent along the way.

I’ve been lacking in this step of my daily routine for awhile now & I can tell the difference. My skin feels dry more often than not and I can see the shift in my mood too. I was so much happier when I was making time to do it every night. My goal for the rest of the year is to make it a habit so I can’t go to bed at night without doing it.

Schedule your time wisely.

I’m sure this sounds odd when you’re talking about self care. BUT this fall, I’ve figured out the key to happiness trying to balance three classes, working 2 jobs, maintaining my relationship, trying to run a blog, and being a dog mom.

Lately, I’ve been getting up between 9 am and 10:30 am, depending on what time I fell asleep. I let Baylee outside and start to set up my day with some breakfast and a coffee. Then, I start on my homework for a few hours. I typically stop doing homework around 1:30 so I can eat lunch, pack a dinner for work, and get ready for work without rushing around. Then, I work from 3 pm until at least 1 am between my two jobs. After work, I shower and hangout with my puppy and boyfriend.

In the middle of October, I got a new full-time job and had to spend 2 weeks training on day shift. It was miserable because I had to try and do schoolwork afterwards. Then, I had to do a couple hours at my part-time job before I could go home for the night. I started to go through a major sad stage during those couple weeks. I constantly felt like I was missing so many hours in the day. The situation really made me appreciate working the evening shift, and I’m so thankful that’s going to be my main shift at work for now!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

I’m a self care loving gal and I’d love to keep writing posts like this. Comment down below & let me know your thoughts on self care. Do you agree? What does self care mean to you? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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