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Reflecting on 2019 + Preparing for 2020

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already preparing for 2020! The year flew by so quickly! Fortunately, this was one of the best years I’ve had in awhile. I restarted my college journey, aced all six classes I took, and even started an online brand, A Dreaming Millennial! I can’t wait to see where my education, this brand, and everything in my personal life takes me in 2020.

Everything I Invested into A Dreaming Millennial in 2019

When 2019 began, I felt lost. It felt like I didn’t understand myself, my interests, or my passions. I wanted to try something new that would challenge me + inspire me. So I chose photography.

In February, I purchased my Canon EOS M50. Along with it, I bought a Rode VideoMicro microphone because I wanted to play around with videography as well. This setup cost approximately $660.00.

Around this time, I also subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud with a student discount. I knew this would give me a strong set of skills for future employment opportunities. I pay about $22.00 a month for the subscription.

Over the summer, I decided to start a blog. Thus, A Dreaming Millennial was born. I purchased hosting on Bluehost for about $90.00 and I purchased the domain through GoDaddy for about $22.00.

At the end of December, I noticed one of my blogging idols was running a sale on her Pinterest course. It was the Pinterest with Ell course from EllDuclos, the creator of the Boss Girl Bloggers community. I used the $10 special, but the course typically runs about $30, I believe. I’ve started the course, but let me know if you’d like a full review!

Overall, I spent $1,046 on investments for A Dreaming Millennial. However, if we don’t count the camera or microphone, that brings the grand total down to $386.

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Blogging + Brand Accomplishments

Published 14 posts

Surpassed 250 blog views

International Audience (Brazil and Ireland)

Appeared in 9 Google Searches

Motto of the Year for 2020: MAKING IT HAPPEN

I selected “making it happen” as my motto for 2020 before my 24th birthday even rolled around. I’d already started thinking about my experiences in 2019 + comparing that with where I want to be in 2020.

I realized that things won’t just come to me. I have to fearlessly pursue them. It might even mean stepping out of my comfort zone. But that’s where the best things in life start. So here’s to sticking to my goals + turning them into actionable plans in 2020.

Goals for 2020

Launch A Dreaming Millennial Podcast in January

Begin uploading A Dreaming Millennial vlogs to YouTube

Cultivate a community of like-minded millennials

Replace stock photos on the blog with my own photography

Record a video every day in 2020 + compile into a 1 second a day video

Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

And that’s a wrap on today’s post! Make sure you comment down below + let me know what some of your goals are this year!

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