RECAP: My First Month on YouTube

My three biggest goals for 2020 were: graduate in December, start a podcast, + start a YouTube channel.

That sounds great, right?

I thought so. I also thought it would just take strict time management.

Then, reality set in.

This spring semester, I have something due EVERY.DAY. of the week. As I plugged due dates into my calendar, I realized that it would be impossible to do all three major goals at one time.

I chose two: college + YouTube.

Originally, I was going to choose the podcast over YouTube. But I rushed myself to create a trailer episode and I just wasn’t truly happy with it.

So I filmed a week in my life video and gave myself as much editing time as it felt like I needed.

It took three weeks.

Sure, I didn’t edit every day. I didn’t edit for hours each day. But I worked at specific parts until I was satisfied with it.

Researching and editing were my study breaks for the first few weeks of class.

I published my first video on February 13th, 2020.

You can find my “Work Week in My Life | My LAST Week Working TWO Jobs video here.

By no means is that video perfect. But it was a great starting point for me.

Hitting ‘publish’ was such a thrill.

I didn’t know it could be so exciting to hit a virtual button. But it WAS!

As soon as I was done editing, I posted the video. This way, there couldn’t be any excuses or doubting myself.

I have officially published FOUR videos.

And I have a total of 8 subscribers. In a month after posting only four videos.

My latest video, How I Feel Inspired and Motivated Again, taught me just how easy it can be to sit down and talk to the camera.

It’s beginning to feel much more natural to me from filming to editing.

However, I still need to gain a lot of confidence in telling people about my channel.

My YouTube channel is the link in my bio on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve also tweeted about my new videos. Before that, I had only texted my two best friends & posted the link in a couple Facebook groups.

And yet, I still haven’t verbally told anyone.

Overall, I’m SO happy with my decision.

I couldn’t be more proud of myself for actually putting myself out there on YouTube. This experience has already taught me so much but I know there’s even more still to learn.

The skills I’m developing now may help me land an internship or even my first post-grad job.

Until then, you can always find me here on the blog or on my YouTube channel.

See you Thursday with a new video!

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