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Current Favorites: Podcast Edition

Hey everyone! The podcast scene is exploding with content right now. If you’re new to the medium or looking for a new podcast, make sure to stick around until the end of today’s post.

A few weeks ago, I shared all of my entertainment favorites that I’ve been loving in quarantine. So today, I’m giving you another round-up post but with my favorite podcasts this time!

The Real Reel with Natalie Barbu

Natalie’s concept for The Real Reel is “exposing” the real life that happens behind the highlight on Instagram. She begins each interview with “setting the record straight” where she has the guest tackle assumptions related to their situation or career.

She interviews people of all backgrounds and careers. I always get value out of each episode even if I’m not interested in pursuing a path similar to the guest’s.

I think it’s so important that we talk about what goes on behind the “highlight reel” we share online. We’re finally starting to see a shift where many influencers are turning to share these previously hidden thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They’re finally coming to terms with the fact that their audience wants to see relatable content that resemble parts of their own life.

Personally, I love how Natalie keeps the podcast focused on both business and lifestyle. A lot of times, a podcast will sway harder to one side than the other but she does a fantastic job of incorporating both aspects seamlessly.

The Real Reel Podcast Cover

Episode Suggestions

Ep. 49: Growing A Successful YouTube Channel, Making Money on YouTube, Making Your Side Hustle Your Main Job ft. The Content Bug

Ep. 51: Taking a Leap of Faith, Quitting a Job, Paving your Own Path, and Making It In NYC ft. Grace Lee

Ep. 46: Doing YouTube Full-Time in One Year, Getting an Engaged Audience, and Sharing Your Life on the Internet ft. Rachel Ratke

Self-Made CEO with Adrienne Finch

Adrienne provides a ton of value on becoming the CEO of your own life and business. She has created her own business creating content for YouTube and other social medias. So even her solo episodes are amazing and jam-packed with good information!

She covers a variety of topics like manifestation, routines, and mindset shifts. Adrienne’s podcast is so helpful for anyone thinking about the next steps in life, especially as an entrepreneur or for someone considering that path.

I love that this is so business focused with lifestyle woven directly into it. We’ll never achieve the perfect work-life balance but Adrienne’s podcast really gives you the steps to work on the best work-life balance for yourself.

Self-Made CEO Podcast Cover

Episode Suggestions

Time Mastery 101

Start Thinking Like a CEO

Set Goals You’ll ACTUALLY Achieve

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her

Okay, so The Skinny Confidential is like the OG lifestyle podcast. It stems from Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick’s blog of the same name where she shares all of the best lifestyle tips. She co-hosts the podcast with her husband, Michael.

The duo frequently have guests of all backgrounds, niches, and career fields. They have this mindset where they encourage you to “take what you want, leave what you don’t”.

TSC podcast is probably the most controversial podcast I listen to because they want the details about everything possible, even if they don’t agree with everything that guest says. I think this is so important, especially today.

Don’t worry, if they talk about something on the podcast, you’ll see it on Lauryn’s blog or social medias a ton. She’s very specific about sharing specifics.

The Skinny Confidential Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

Misery Loves Company – An Argument for More Positivity

Lauryn’s Quarantine Routine – Specifics On How To Thrive While Social Distancing

Dr. Josh Axe On Natural Health Alternatives, Nutrition, & Chinese Medicine

Manifest with Tori DeSimone

Tori was one of the first YouTubers I genuinely followed and kept up with. I’ve watched her go from high school to college to dropping out and focusing on her social media business to starting her own spin studio.

It’s hard to believe she’s as young as she is with all the business knowledge she shares on Manifest. But it’s so much more than just that. She talks a lot about mindset and even lifestyle habits in general.

My favorite episodes are the ones where she’s talked in great detail about her experience opening the spin studio with a co-owner and all of the BTS work that went into it. If you can’t tell, I’m such a sucker for hearing about someone’s hard work and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Manifest with Tori DeSimone

Episode Recommendations

How I Became my Own Boss & How You Can Too

The Magic of Mondays & Being Selfish | Establishing a Sunday & Monday Routine for Motivation and Productivity

So Wonderfully Here with Marissa Nicole

This is the newest podcast I’ve been listening to. I originally found Marissa on Instagram because she’s from the Pittsburgh area and I live just a couple hours north of the city.

So Wonderfully Here is about finding the joys and pleasures in life. Marissa has such a relaxing voice that’s great for a chill listening experience!

I don’t have as much to say about this one because it’s so new BUT you should definitely give her a listen! It will be so worth your time! That’s why we’re all listening to podcasts isn’t it? It’s a more useful form of content consumption than any other medium.

So Wonderfully Here Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

the importance of morning routines + how to craft one that aligns with you

embracing change + the journey of life after college w/ Mikala Williams

TK’s Juicy Polls

Okay so I absolutely adore TK, aka Taylor King. I found her through a few of my favorite YouTubers like Kenzie Elizabeth and Alisha Marie.

She started creating polls on her Instagram stories with juicy questions about boys, relationships, etc. So many people loved it and voted that she turned it into a whole podcast.

She’s had a wide variety of guests on the podcast and has them ask questions for the polls. TK is a fabulous host & I swear she was made for that sole purpose. She gives great sisterly advice and isn’t afraid to tell the audience how it is.

TK's Juicy Polls Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

#30 Oli Abbas – How to Get Your Dream Job, Manifesting the Life You Want, Nothing is Impossible, Relationship Advice

#19 Shelby Church – How I Started A Company, Doing YouTube As A Full-Time Job, How to Spend Your Money Wisely, Are You A Morning Person

#44 Alisha Marie – My Boss Interviews Me, How I Got My Job, Working with a Friend, How to Network Like a Champ

I Love you So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

I’ve followed Kenzie on YouTube for years at this point and I absolutely love her work ethic. ILYSM is all about lifestyle – relationships, starting a business, being productive, and so much more.

I personally love the “Hot Seat” game that she begins every episode with. She basically puts the guest on the spot and the questions inspire some great conversation from the get-go.

Whether Kenzie’s recording with a guest or doing a solo pod, it really feels like you’re hanging out with your best friends. It’s such a conversational podcast that flows seamlessly.

In quarantine, Kenzie has been BIG on reading so look to her more recent episodes if you want a new read.

I Love You So Much Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

Taylor King | Quaran-flings, The Pep Talk You Need, Stop Waiting for Perfect, Anxiety, Feeling Out of Control

Keaton Milburn | BFF Advice Episode on Relationships, Friendships, and Confidence

Becca Tilley of Scrubbing In | Winning Two People’s Choice Awards, Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor


Okay, so I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I have been ever since I first saw the trailer for Sorcerer’s Stone in kindergarten.

I was hesitant to listen to Potterless because I didn’t think it would be entertaining. And I surely didn’t know what to expect. But I gave in and binged every episode available within a month after starting it.

There were so many little things in the books that I didn’t even pick up on because I read them in elementary school / early middle school. But it really gave me a whole new appreciation for different characters, especially Ginny. I didn’t remember just how badass she was in the books. And it reminded me that they surely didn’t give her justice in the films.

If you grew up loving Harry Potter, this would be a great walk down memory lane! But if you didn’t, I think it would be a fun experience to read the series and listen to Potterless for each book after you’ve finished it.

Potterless Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

Just start at the beginning: Ep. 0 – Everything I Know Before Reading the Books

The Morning Toast

I just didn’t understand The Morning Toast for the LONGEST time. Like I totally got that it was your typical morning talk show but I just didn’t see the appeal to listening to it every single morning.

Randomly one day in quarantine, I decided to listen to a random episode. I approached the episode with a pretty open mind and actually really enjoyed it!

I absolutely love that Jackie and Claudia were able to change my outlook on some of the Call Her Daddy podcast drama by presenting a new view on the financial side of things. But more importantly, I love that they were able to speak up and use their platform for action with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Morning Toast Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

61: The Positive One: Monday, April 6th, 2020

62: Love, Toastie: Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

91: GIPHYJIFFY: Monday, May 18th, 2020

Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

I just started listening to Views in the last week or so and it’s such a great source of entertainment. The topics are so random, even within an episode. But it’s great if you need a little escape from your own reality for a bit.

I didn’t know what to expect but I’m honestly glad I started listening to it. The podcast really gets you out of your head on stressful or anxious days and actually makes you take some time to enjoy humor.

I still think you’ll find the podcast entertaining even if you don’t know who David and Jason are!

Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

Trespassing at David’s House

David Has a New Roommate

Killer Instinct

Confession: I stopped listening to true crime podcasts because I was listening while I cleaned doctor offices after hours and got too sketched out. BUT Savannah Brymer’s podcast, Killer Instinct, was the only one I was genuinely interested in no matter what kind of story the episode was about.

I started followed Savannah on YouTube way before she’d even hit 100k subscribers and loved this series on her channel. She’s very well spoken when she’s talking about each case and you can tell she’s detailed with her research.

Even if you’re not sure if you’d like a true crime podcast, I think you should give Killer Instinct a try!

Killer Instinct with Savannah Brymer Podcast Cover

Episode Recommendations

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The Green River Killer: Ted Bundy Helps Catch Gary Ridgeway

Mackenzie Lueck’s Murder: What We Know So Far

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and found a new podcast or two to listen to on your next commute! 🙂

Get ready for all the content coming your way this summer! Big things are happening here on the blog, my YouTube channel, and even Instagram.

I’ve also created a posting schedule for both my blog and YouTube channel this summer! You can find a new video on my channel every single Friday at noon EST and a new blog post here every single Wednesday at noon EST.

You can find me on Instagram: @arianna.westley or @anwcreativestudio

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