August Monthly Favorites

Monthly favorites are some of my favorite blog posts to read and YouTube videos to watch, so I knew I had to share mine! Here’s a variety of my favorite things from the month of August!

Light As A Feather

Hulu released the first season last fall and part one of season two in July. They’re planning for an October release of the rest of season two. The show opens with a group of high school girls playing the sleepover game “light as a feather, stiff as a board” in a cemetery on Halloween and follows the intense aftermath that ensues.

Before watching the show, I heard it was a mix between Pretty Little Liars and Final Destination. I had no idea how that would work out so I gave the show a try. I became obsessed by the end of the first episode! I’m not usually one to binge watch a TV series, but Light As A Feather made it easy. I swear I watched probably ten episodes one day and I had to pull myself back into reality in the middle of it because I felt like I was in the middle of the show. I highly suggest watching Light As A Feather.

Google Calendar

Back when I was physically attending college, I could not function if I didn’t have my planner on me. It was the only way that I could keep on top of all my due dates, sorority functions, and my work schedule.

I started back to school in January in an online program and I tried using a physical planner again. It just didn’t work this time around. I’m not sure what the reason was. My due dates never really changed once they were assigned. Even my work schedule didn’t change after it was posted. I just didn’t pick up my planner or I would leave it at home. By the end of the semester, I felt like a mess. I knew that I had to figure something else out by the end of the summer.

A few of the college YouTubers that I watch kept talking about how they couldn’t function without Google Calendar. So I decided to give it a try. The beginning process of plugging in the repeating events like bills and my work schedule was incredibly tedious. However, it’s so much easier to add events after that initial set up.

I absolutely love that you can customize which calendars you’re looking at. It’s nice to see a complete overview, but it’s pretty overwhelming when it has two of your events and says “+ 3 more.” This is an amazing feature that physical planners definitely don’t have. I also enjoy being able to check my schedule from anywhere without carrying a physical planner with me all the time.

At Home Gel Manicures

Over the last couple months, I have been giving myself at home gel manicures and I have been loving it! Gel polish just last SO much longer than regular polish. It’s also nice to just chill for an hour watching some TV or YouTube videos, especially now that school has started back up.

It feels costly to get yourself set up because you have to buy isopropyl alcohol, no-fuzz pads, gel polish, and the curing lamp. But it’s much more cost effective over time. And it gives you a nice break from everything else you need to get done.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to like doing gel at home, start by purchasing a gel top coat. You can put regular nail polish on, use the isopropyl alcohol to make sure you don’t have any oil on top of the polish, then use the clear gel top coat. I did this the last time I gave myself a gel manicure. It really works and lasts the same amount of time as a regular at home gel manicure.

Reusable Tumblers and Cups

I first started purchasing reusable tumblers and cups when I first started college in 2014. My university had water refill stations with most of the water fountains on campus, which made it so much easier than buying new bottles of water.

Instead of splurging on the Hydroflasks that have become the trendiest reusable bottles, I have found that the metal tumblers and bottles work just as well! I’m a gal on a strict budget so it makes more sense to spend $8 on a bottle rather than $50.

I also purchased a pack of Starbucks coffee travel mugs from Walmart around the Christmas season last year. I prefer to use these for my coffee or iced coffee because it feels more natural, like I actually got it from a coffee shop. They’re not the best for the environment because they’re plastic but it’s always better to choose reusable items over single use items.

That’s it for today friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite products! I love this type of content so I couldn’t just leave it off of my blog. I’m not sure if I will post one every month or every couples months, but be sure to follow along for the next one!

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