Arianna Westley


Hi y’all! Welcome back to my website and blog!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Arianna.

I’m a 24 year old content creator based in Dallas, Texas but I’m originally from rural western Pennsylvania. I am finishing my degree at the City University of New York online & I will be graduating in May 2021!

After graduation, I would love to start my own business doing content creation, curation, and management for small businesses. If I go into the corporate world, I would still love to work in social media or influencer marketing.

You can almost always find me with my fur baby Baylee or getting my next dose of iced coffee. If you’re into astrology: I’m a triple fire sign – Sagittarius sun, Leo moon, and Aries rising. As for the enneagram personality type, I’m a 3 wing 2.

I started my website to be the central hub of all of my online adventures. I have written several blog posts on this website, I run a self-titled YouTube channel, and I’m active on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and (sometimes) Pinterest.

Arianna Westley - A Dreaming Millennial in Randyland, Pittsburgh, PA
Location: Randyland in Pittsburgh, PA